Our Technology

The H2OnlyBattery is the first and only battery / generator that is activated by water or other liquid

A completely new technology for  up to date data.

OPEN TYPE” systems, that give the possibility to each user, to pause and restart of energy whenever he needs.

The H2Only Battery is a monumental breakthrough in the Energy sector. Starting from the principles of the ancient Baghdad Battery, we have advanced it in all aspects: power output, customizable size,duration, safety, also added the innovation of PAUSE and RESTART of the production of the Energy.


– Instant supply of energy anywhere, anytime, again and again 

– Activation with water or any liquid

– Lifespan of decades depending on usage

– No expiration, no leaks, no disintegration even if unused, and not subject to ageing

– Does not contain or emit toxics or chemicals

– Renewable, recyclable, sustainable and safe for the environment and the humans

CE certification for safety

– Greek Patent, internationally registered (Valid until 2032)

How it works

To activate the H2OnlyBattery

One has to instantly dip it in a glass of water, in a stream, in a river, in the sea, in any liquid medium, or simply pour water on it. In case of emergency, urine will also work. The Battery will then instantly begin producing electricity which will last for as long as the sponge is moist; this could last for several days depending on climate. When a drop in the output is observed, a simple re-wetting will restart the process. If the Battery is allowed to perform a full cycle (ie. operating time=drying time), it will operate at its maximum power when restarted.

If you want to store it, should be intensively dried your battery. Store in a dry place, and as
long as it remains dry, will not deteriorate.


H2OnlyBatteryGreece is an OPEN TYPE Battery

– Direct power supply anywhere, anytime, over and over.

– Activate with water or any liquid

– From 8 to 60 hours of energy with a wetting (depending on ambient temperature)

– Life span of many years depending on usage

– No expiry date, No leakage even when not in use

– Does not contain or emit toxic or chemical substances

– Uses materials: Renewable, recyclable, sustainable and safe for the environment and human

– CE certification for safety

– Greek Patent (Valid until 2032)


– Outdoor Activities, such as Camping, Fishing, Hunting, etc.

– Chargers, such as for mobile phones, etc.

– Personal Survival Equipment (survival kits; works with urine)

– Home Backup Lighting

– Power source for household appliances (presently in R&D)

Commercial Use 

– Building Emergency Backup Lighting (presently in R&D)

– Airport airfield and Emergency Lighting (military and civilian)

– Automotive, such as car warning triangle,emergency flashlight, etc.

– Marine, such as light for ships with no generators, etc.

– Monasteries and Places with no electricity

Survival Equipment 

– Military Survival Kits

– Civilian Equipment: Survival kits, lifejackets, lifeboats, etc.

– Shelters, Tunnels


We are delighted to know that the Security Forces of Heraklion  Crete, was pleased and full of interest in our Flashlights. It is an honor for us to see security forces pioneering using our innovative technology.

Below are the photos from the delivery of our Flashlights for the equipment of the operational means as well as the facilities of the Security forces


Coast Guard

Greek Rescue team



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H2OnlyBatteryGreece – English from H2OnlyBatteryGreece on Vimeo.


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H2OnlybatteryGreece – Italian from H2OnlyBatteryGreece on Vimeo.


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